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DreamStar Dream Sharing Groups

We have been offering online dream sharing groups ever since DFOC was founded in 2020. The online dream sharing group is one of our most popular services. They consist of 8 weekly 90-minute sessions (renewable), using Dr. Scott Sparrow's FiveStar Methodtm to guide the dreamwork process. Your group may continue beyond 8 sessions by mutual agreement and our availability.

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Please review the resources that we have provided for leaders and participants of our online dream sharing groups. If you are interested, please select the dream sharing group option on our Client Application Form.

"Beyond the Flag" LGBTQ+ Support Group

This online group is aimed to be a haven for people in the LGBTQ+ community. Given the heightened state of legislative laws and bills being produced at rapid speeds around the U.S., that target the community, we believe forming a collaborative experience with like-minded individuals can help ease our day-to-day struggles.

Here we will examine our attitudes and opinions around sexual orientation, gender, identity development, discrimination, oppression, intimacy, chosen family, pride, drag, culture, and safety/resources (to name a few). This group is open to the public and no intake screening is required. This means you're welcome to invite friends (18+) who are a part of the community to join in on our discussions!

This group is strictly geared towards people within the LGBTQ+ community, so please be mindful of this when sharing with others. We want to make sure each group member feels safe to share and explore without feelings of judgment or shame.

If you are interested, please select the LGBTQ+ group option on our
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